Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland


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Northern Ireland

Join us for a captivating 3-day adventure with our Belfast Experience. Begin your journey exploring Belfast’s cultural gems, from the iconic City Hall to the cinematic wonders of the AMC. Immerse yourself in art at The Big Fish Sculpture and indulge in retail therapy at Victoria Square. Day 2 unfolds with a Game of Thrones Day Tour, navigating Northern Ireland’s scenic landscapes and iconic filming locations. Traverse the stunning Coast Road, visit Carrickfergus Castle, and marvel at the mystical Dark Hedges before concluding at the awe-inspiring Giant’s Causeway. Day 3 offers freedom to explore Belfast’s attractions, including the Titanic Museum and historic Queen’s University. Depart with cherished memories, having experienced the perfect blend of culture, history, and natural wonders. Book your Belfast Experience for an enriching journey through this vibrant city and its captivating surroundings.


Day 1 - Arriving Belfast

Belfast City Hall, AMC, The Big Fish Sculpture, Victoria Square Self Tour Shopping.

Day 2 - Game of Thrones Day Tour

9: 00 Gather and set out for a one-day tour of the Game of Thrones: Carrickfergus Castle (the location of the Game of Thrones; Coast Road, the most beautiful coastal highway in Northern Ireland; The Dark Hedges (right travel location); Giant’s Causeway.

Day 3 - Belfast / Back Home

Free activities in Belfast, recommended tours: Titanic Museum, Queen’s University Queen’s University Belfast.

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