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UK Destinations

Embark on a captivating 13-day journey through the cultural wonders of the United Kingdom. Begin in London, where you’ll rejuvenate before exploring iconic landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye. Immerse yourself in the city’s history at Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, and Trafalgar Square, followed by a visit to the renowned British Museum.


Venture to Windsor Castle by train, indulge in art at Tate Modern, and marvel at the historic Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Travel to Oxford for a city tour before heading north to York, discovering the majestic York Minster. Continue to Edinburgh, exploring its famous castle, Royal Mile, and Old Town. In Glasgow, enjoy a city tour, and in Manchester, visit Albert Square and Chinatown. The journey concludes back in London or your hometown, leaving you with cherished memories of this diverse and enchanting adventure.


Day 1 - London

Arrive at London. Have a rest in the hotel.

Day 2 - London

Go to St.Paul’s Cathedral,London Eye.

Day 3 - London

Go to Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square.

Day 4 - London

Visit British Museum.

Day 5 - London

Pay a visit to Windsor Castle by train.

Day 6 - London

Visit Tate Modern.

Day 7 - London

Go to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, Big Ben and House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey.

Day 8 - London

Go to Oxford and city tour.

Day 9 - York

En route to York,Visiting York Minster etc

Day 10 - Edinburgh

En route to Edinburgh, visiting Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile and Old Town.

Day 11 - Glasgow

En route to Glasgow then city tour.

Day 12 - Manchester

En route to Manchester, visiting Albert Square,Chinatown and Quarry Bank etc.

Day 13 - London

Back to Londonn/ Hometown

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